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Possibly the best wood in the world ….


Utilising clear defect free softwood, which his then modified using a non-toxic & complete acetylation process producing accoya with its unrivalled dimensional stability and durability.  


Dimensional stability – shrinkage & swelling reduced by 75% making it ideal for all joinery & external applications


  • Outstanding durability – 50 years above ground

  • 25 years in ground or freshwater contact

  • Virtually rot proof, with class 1 durability

  • Outstanding durability - class 1 durability. 50 years above ground, 25 years in ground contact or freshwater

  • Perfect for Coating - finishes last up to twice as long




  • Joinery; windows & doors

  • Decking

  • Decking balustrades

  • Cladding, unfinished or factory coated in full range of RAL colours

  • Columns & beams for internal or external applications

  • Garden furniture, planters …

  • Posts in ground or freshwater contact


Accoya is the fully sustainable and eco-friendly timber at the forefront of modern technology. FSC certified.

We can offer guidance and design input for your bespoke accoya requirements.

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