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Services – Design, engineering and production of custom-made prefabricated timber frame element and modular houses.


Working with an experienced team of designers, engineers and workforce enabling the design and production of prefabricated timber frame element houses.

Employing these technical and creative skills, as well as the latest up-to-date equipment, we can offer custom made solutions for each and every customer.


Timber frame & Modular buildings for:-

  • Enhanced Thermal performance

  • Enhanced Buildability 

  • Enhanced Environmental specifications

  • Bespoke specifications

Stage 1 - Concept

Client provides architectural drawings with detailed specifications, including and target U-Values for the building.


Architectural drawings with a minimum showing layout, facades and section, supplied as DWG or PDF file for more accurate calculations.


Modular homes – these can be offered fully finished, with fitted kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes etc, for delivery & craning allowing for immediate on-site connection to services

Stage 2 - Negotiation

We provide budget quotations based on received plans & specifications.


Once agreed, we with then negotiate final solutions and project specifications. Any revision and recalculations will be included in a revised offer.


Once expectations are agreed, a contract will be drawn up and we will progress to the engineering stage.

Engineering stage can take up to 10 weeks, depending on size of the building. For standard single family house this process takes approximately 5-6 weeks.

Stage 3 - Production

On completion of engineering & design stage, production drawings are confirmed by customer and production is commenced. The production stage includes manufacturing of:

  • doors & windows

  • house elements

  • facade finishing elements

After production, all elements are protected, wrapped in plastic and stored in supply sheds ready for despatch to site.


Production of doors and windows can take up to 8 weeks, while elements for single family house usually could be produced in less than 10 days, we recommend ordering windows in the very early communication stage for faster delivery terms. Door & window production might also take place during engineering stage.

Stage 4 - Assembly and site works 

Before element delivery, customer obligations are:

  • finished foundation

  • crane and site management

  • accommodation for assembly team

Assembly process are performed by professional assembly team that consisting of 4-5 highly skilled carpenters.


When assembly works of the building have finished - electric, plumbing, ventilation, tiling and other interior and exterior works can be performed by local tradesmen. 


Once assembly process is finished - parties sign final handover of the project.

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